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Former syndicated columnist; former political speechwriter; former media head for a Fortune 500 company.

Now that former police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted of murder in the arrest of a back man. People want to know if U.S. law enforcement has a racial bias against blacks.

Hours after disgraced policeman Derek Chauvin was led away in handcuffs, two Presidents of the United States, one current and one former, thematically connected his gross misconduct as a police officer to the problem of racism.

But do the facts support that connection?

In one year. 2020. They do not.

According to the Washington Post there were 465 people shot and killed by police in 2020. …

The clue to the Gates’ breakup may have been given in an interview with Bloomberg less than a month ago.

Melinda Gates was asked for her assessment of the Covid vaccine rollout. She said it had been progressing well in high income countries. But not nearly so well in low income countries.

She said it was in her words, “disturbing.”

Fast forward to this week. Bill Gates, the other half of the Gates Foundation, said he was not in favor of sharing vaccine formulae to third parties. Citing the need to protect manufacturing standards.

But his critics have been critical…

The Prime Minister of India has been caught like no other PM in recent times between an irresistible force and an immovable object.

The irresistible force is economic progress. How to use agricultural lands more efficiently to create more economic value. The immovable object: millions of Indian farmers who have built stable lives for their families based on traditional relationships.

He did not have go capitulate to either side. He could have followed a third path.

And become the most important figure in Indian political history ever. And a pioneer for political leaders elsewhere.

In short, he could have imposed…

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has been taking a lot of heat for being the sole vote against the recent COVID Anti-Asian hate crime bill. The bill singles out hate crimes enacted upon Asians in the wake of the COVID epidemic thought to have originated in Asia.

Social media have been merciless in their criticism of Hawley. Roundly denouncing him as a bigot.

But if you actually listen to the motivating principle behind his vote.

You wouldn’t be persuaded he is a bigot

Anymore than this writer is a bigot in saying this.

If you start singling out groups for punishment…

As the outpouring of grief and outrage grows in Britain over the mutiny of 4 of its jewels from the EPL. We can imagine one man having a quiet moment to recover from the shock of the moment. And weighing the options left to him.

The man is Prince William. Believed by some the heir apparent to the throne of England. William is head of the British component of UEFA which currently runs football in Europe. And, therefore, head of an organization facing ruination at the professional fan level. And ruination at the junior development level.

For angry British fans…

You can’t take a toaster back to the store. And complain it’s not a hair blower.

And you can’t take a capitalist back to the store. And complain because it’s not a philanthropist.

We have no love for the U. S. billionaires who are leading the abandonment of the biggest clubs in England from the established league. And leading them to greener pastures elsewhere.

And we understand fans who scream “Hey, you can’t do that! What about the fans? What about centuries of tradition? We thought you were sportsmen?”

“We are,” they’ll say. “But we’re businessmen first.”

And they won’t…

Dexter Haven

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